Glen Rose High School freshman Hudson White won the Grand Champion Market Steer award for the second year in a row last Friday in the 64th annual Somervell County Youth Fair at the Expo Center.

This year was different, however, in the fact that his payoff in Saturday’s Premium Sale was more than double the amount his 2019 winning steer earned in the auction.

White, a Nemo resident who is a member of the GRHS FFA, got $11,000 during the Premium Sale for his steer this year. His winner in last year’s event drew $5,000 in the 2019 Premium Sale.

Gage Woodruff, an 11-year-old Granbury resident who is a member of the Glen Rose 4-H Club, had the Grand Champion in Breeding Beef Cattle.


Senior Showmanship — Jenna White

Junior Showmanship — Payton Alexander

Breeding Beef Cattle

Grand champion — Gage Woodruff

Reserve champion — Payton Alexander

Spring Heifer Calves

1. Payton Alexander

Junior Heifer Calves

1. Ainslea Hayes

Senior Heifer Calves

1. Gage Woodruff

2. Payton Alexander

3. Dixie Snodgrass

Market Steers

Grand champion — Hudson White

Reserve champion — Ainslea Hayes

(01) Market Steers

1. Payton Alexander

2. Rylee Mills

(02) Market Steers

1. Ainslea Hayes

2. Jenna White

(03) Market Steers

1. Jenna White

2. Rylee Mills

(04) Market Steers

1. Hudson White

2. Hudson White