HOUSTON (AP) — An early Sunday morning argument between a couple ended with the husband being pinned between two vehicles when his wife lost control of her car as she tried to get away from her spouse after he assaulted her and her father, authorities said.
The couple was arguing around 2 a.m. Sunday in northwest Houston when Dimas Romero-Santana, 28, assaulted his father-in-law, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a series of tweets.
When his wife tried to leave the scene in her car to de-escalate the situation, Romero-Santana reached into the vehicle and pulled her hair, causing his wife to lose control and hit her husband, pinning him against another vehicle.
Romero-Santana was taken to a hospital after he was freed from between the two vehicles by firefighters. He is in stable condition and expected to recover, Gonzalez said.
Romero-Santana was charged with two counts of assault.