Name: Louis Cocita

Age: 66

Birthplace: New Orleans, La.

Occupation (or what line of work were you in prior to retirement): Retired - 39 years in Nuclear power of which 35 was here at Comanche Peak Power Plant.

Education: AA degree in Networking and Communications.

Immediate family: Wife, Lupe Villa Cocita; Son - Louis Alexander Cocita 22; Tony Cocita 46.

How long have you lived in Somervell County? 23 years 

Have you ever run for office before? No

What is the most important thing you want to do in office, if elected? “If elected I would use my experience with budgets and contracts to review the budgets to try reduce or eliminate waste in tax payer money, and work closely with TXDOT to improve safety with intersections to Hwy. 67 & 144.”