Name: Lendel Flournoy

Age: 58

Birthplace: Breckenridge, TX

Occupation (or what line of work were you in prior to retirement): Squaw Valley Golf Course Maintenance

Education: High School, 40 Years Hands On Experience

Immediate family: Wife-Dr. Aimee Flournoy, Daughter-Amber Flournoy 38, Son-Bailey Coker 16, Son-Nick Coker 13.

How long have you lived in Somervell County? 21 years

Have ever run for office before? No

What is the most important thing you want to do in office, if elected? “As your commissioner, I would like to see the lines of communication opened up in order to represent the people. I would like to implement regular precinct community meetings in order to get input of questions and concerns. This would also allow me to share with you the progress of projects that the county is working on and the needs of our Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, and County Employees in order to continue growth along with our communities growth.”