For most of us, we plan trips to visit Italy to bask in the art, architecture and culture but for Glen Rose resident Conrad McCarty, he comes home to a taste of Italy every day.

McCarty’s house is located at 9828 W. Highway 67 and is two stories tall with only glass covering the front.

The house was built by a Dallas man with an Italian-style roofing business. McCarty purchased it in 2007.

His residence is so popular that several companies visit his home at least twice a year to conduct photo shoots. The most recent company to visit is a company called Wisteria who visited McCarty’s home on Jan. 27.

“There [were] probably 20 people out here who were all doing different things. With the cameras and the lights, it looked just like a movie set,” McCarty said.

Employees from Ralph Lauren were planning a trip to Italy but once they saw a picture of McCarty’s home however, they canceled their flight and made a trip to Glen Rose.

“It’s neat, unusual and a beautiful view,” he added.

McCarty said it “feels pretty good” to have companies visit his home just to take pictures and noted that the Glen Rose area has many beautiful places besides his.

“I love Glen Rose,” he said. “I love the fact that it hasn’t overdeveloped with car lots and Wal-Mart like Stephenville and Granbury. It’s slow growth but it’s quality growth. It’s a nice little community.”