Age: 56

Birthplace: Basin, Wyoming

Education: Graduated High School in 1982 from Glen Rose, Texas, 32 Hours Hill Collage, 2358 TCOLE Law Enforcement Training hours.

Immediate family: Parents are Mac and Leta Yocham, Wife is Jennie Yocham, Children are Tanner Yocham, Trey Yocham, Kaydence Davis, Chandler Davis and Kallie Davis.

Q: What is your background in law enforcement?: 

A: “I went to the Police Academy in 1988, worked in and around the adjoining Counties in many capacities, normally as an Investigator or supervisor. Criminal Investigations Lieutenant and Assistant Commander for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and S.T.O.P. Narcotics and Special Crimes Task Force. Spent time working undercover operations and special crimes operations. Worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense and State Department as an International Police Advisor/Trainer in Iraq and Kosovo. I have worked and Investigated many Federal, State and Local criminal cases to include Homicide, Child Abuse and Narcotics as well as all other types of criminal investigations. I am the current Chief of Police in Hamilton, Texas. I sit on the Board for Criminal Justice for the Central Texas Council of Government and I am the Central Region Director for the Texas Narcotics Officers Association. I hold a Master Peace Officer Certification, I am a certified TCOLE Law Enforcement Instructor, I am SWAT Certified and hold many other certificates.”

Q: What is the most pressing challenge facing the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office and how you would overcome it?

A: “I believe that one of the most pressing issues that faces the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office is working narcotics. I know based on my background and experience that most crime is tied back directly to narcotics in one way or the other. If elected, I plan to start a narcotics interdiction program where the we can stop a lot of the narcotics that are coming into Somervell County. I also plan to continue with educating our youth about the dangers of these drugs. If there is an aggressive approach to dealing with this problem, a lot of the property crimes, ( theft and burglary) will be stopped. In terms of the County budget, do I feel the County is headed in the right direction or do I have specific ideas that would improve it? I feel like that there is a lot of money that is being wasted or not managed well. There are several ways that if elected, I plan to help with costs. One way is to do what I do now… I write grants and work with the Council of Governments to get equipment or resources for the Department. Also I said previously, I am the Director for the Central Region of the Texas Narcotics Officer’s Association. With that comes a lot of Free training for the Officers as well as additional resources and specialized equipment and

manpower. One other way to help with the budget is while working narcotics cases, there is asset forfeiture that will come with that. If an Officer stops a vehicle that is carrying a load of money and or

drugs, the Department seizes that and vehicles or other assets. Those funds go right back to be used for criminal Investigation saving money for the local taxpayers.”

Q: What strengths do you possess that would make you a good sheriff?

A: “Besides my extensive training, knowledge and background, I am a good listener. I continually have people come into my office to either ask about a specific case or make a complaint about a situation or case. I believe that as an Administrator, you have to be able to listen to people and hear them out. You have to be available to the citizens and address their complaints. Usually, after we talk, the people understand why a certain case went the way it did. Sometimes, my Department may have made a mistake. If that is the case, I will address the problem and then move forward. But, the citizen has a right to be heard and their problems resolved.

I am also a person who uses good common sense and logic. You have to look at the situation as a whole and be able to use good judgement in Law Enforcement. I have a vested interest in Somervell County and the citizens that reside there. I have three kids who go to school in the Glen Rose ISD and just like everyone else, I want the drugs and criminals out of our community. I have the knowledge and background to do it.”