Age: 44

Birthplace: I am a life long resident of Somervell County - 4th generation on father’s side of family and 3rd generation on mother’s side of family. This is important to me because we have to have a modern office but still maintain our small town values.

Education: Glen Rose High School, Tarleton State University, NCTCOG Police Academy.

Immediate family: wife - Linda, son - Jake, mom - Patricia West 

Q: What is your background in law enforcement?

A: College Criminal justice classes, 22 years training hours with the State of Texas, 3 full years as your sheriff proving my leadership abilities with those being successful years of growth and improvements. Leader of 48 employees.

Q: What is the most pressing challenge facing the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office? How would you overcome it?

A: “Our biggest challenge is growth we are seeing with our county and the numbers it is dealing us. Our ability to retain staff is the biggest asset we can have. This not only saves training new employees but it benefits the community by building a relationship with the officers and staff. In times of crisis knowing the officer walking up can calm a person in that time of need and others will trust reaching out for help from this also.”


Q: In terms of the county budget, do you feel the county is heading in the right direction or do you have specific ideas that would improve it?

A: “The county budget is very critical to the safety and security of Somervell. With the issues Somervell County has seen several years ago when I took office we made steps to minimize spendings till the budget issues could be resolved. First responders of Somervell County are one of the most needed offices and departments we have to offer back to the citizens. One of the main goals I have set this past year is to capitalize revenues from empty bed space in the jail with a contract with Hood County. We can work with the court and auditor try to make an escrow account from this to be used as a subsidy to the budget.”


Q: What strengths do you possess that makes you a good sheriff?

A: “I feel that what is required as a sheriff in the State of Texas is clearly written in law and I have treated that as a priority. But even more important than that is the public relations side. I firmly believe that my upbringing of serving this community for many years in Somervell County and then the last 22 years out visiting with the public, businesses, and the people we see on a daily basis is crucial for the role as sheriff. Communication and integrity dealing with you is so important.”