The cause of death of a man whose body was found on Oct. 29 in a field near Rainbow has been attributed to methamphetamine intoxication, according to a news release from the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office.

The body of local resident Mark Alan Tipton was discovered by the owner of the property where he was found, just south of County Road 303 in Somervell County. 

On Oct. 23, Tipton had been reported to law enforcement as a missing person, according to Chief Deputy Dwayne Griffin. 

“This is the missing person case we have been working here in Somervell County that was reported on Oct. 23,” Griffin stated in one of the first email responses to the Glen Rose Reporter’s Open Records Request, in late October. 

Also at that time, the newspaper reported that law enforcement officials from the sheriff’s office as well as the Texas Rangers had responded to the location on private property where the body was found after a 911 call was received from a resident.

After the first news release from the Sheriff’s Office that named Tipton as the deceased person, the newspaper requested more information via email, including the cause and manner of death. The email also asked if there was any indication that the death may have been a homicide, or if foul play was suspected. 

The response, from Griffin, stated, “The coroner said that it could be up to 6 weeks before we would get an official report back due to the toxicology screening being performed. We will inform you as soon as we get the results back.”

The release of the results of the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s report on Tuesday morning — almost 16 weeks later, on the heels of the Reporter’s latest Open Records information request on the case Monday — cites the cause of Tipton’s death as “methamphetamine intoxication,” and adds that the manner of death “is consistent with accident.”

The email from Griffin that was received Tuesday also noted, “According to the autopsy, the amount of methamphetamine in his body was consistent with death shortly after intake.”