Local artist Ben Tabor has been selected to create six pieces of artwork for the new Lake Granbury Medical Center Physical Therapy Clinic in Glen Rose.

Tabor’s mission is to find photographs depicting an active lifestyle and recreate it in a painting.

"When you get all of these people sitting in the physical therapy center and they’re working on their bad knee or their back, we want to have positive imagery of people living an active lifestyle around them to help reinforce that idea of getting healthy, getting back out there, getting back on your feet and maybe join all that great outdoor activity that Glen Rose has to offer,” Tabor said.

While Tabor was working on another project involving the movie, “The Polar Express,” he was approached by CEO of Lake Granbury Medical Center David Orcutt.

When Orcutt found out that Tabor was the son of local artist Mike Tabor, he asked him for help on the new project.

“I grew up painting with my dad. We’ve always had a studio out there at the ranch. If he was painting, I was painting,” he said.

Tabor attended school at Texas A&M for an ag degree but realized it wasn't for him. He dropped out of college and began working on a couple of ranches until his dad suggested that he obtain an art degree.

He went back to school and received an art degree from UT San Antonio and has been painting ever since.

For his project, Tabor has contacted Fossil Rim and Dinosaur Valley State Park to see if they have any photographs he could use.

“I want to use imagery that they're comfortable with and that they feel is a good representation of what they’re trying to achieve,” he said.

Once he gathers the images, he will get his canvases purchased and start working on his paintings.

“I really just start slapping down paint,” he said. “I start on background and work my way forward but there’s no tried-and-true method.”

Tabor said he has done many commissions but never one where he’s gotten the opportunity to meet and talk with multiple groups asking them to be a part of his work.

"Lake Granbury Medical Center has been pretty good about trying to keep things community involved,” he added. “If we’re going to have art hanging in our offices, we’d like to have local art hanging in our offices. It’s been very fun.”

To submit pictures depicting an active lifestyle, email them to Tabor at ben.m.tabor@gmail.com.