The tote board for Somervell County voting at the end of the night in Tuesday’s Republican Party Primary showed that incumbent Sheriff Alan West defeated Tony Yocham (1,798 to 540), but both the Precinct 1 and Precinct 3 Commissioners Court seats will have a runoff election on Tuesday, May 26.

In those runoffs, Jeff Harris will take on T.J. Mims for the Precinct 1 spot, and Lisa Andersen and Tammy Ray will compete for the Precinct 3 position. Precinct 3 incumbent Kenneth Wood had 123 votes — just one behind Andersen’s 124 — while Ray led the pack with 128.

A reminder posted on the electronic results board outside the county annex building notes that the voting is “Unofficial until canvassed by Somervell County Party chairs.”

There were no Democrat candidates in any of the Somervell County races.

The county voting in the race for District 59 state representative, Somervell County voters cast 1,013 votes for Shelby Slawson, 682 for incumbent J.D. Sheffield and 539 for Cody Johnson.

The other top vote-getters among Somervell County voters were incumbent Roger Williams in the race for U.S. Rep. Dist. 25, and Hewlett over Huffman in the contest for District 18 judge.

U.S. Rep. Dist. 25

Neuendorff 227

Williams 1,861

State Rep. Dist. 59

Johnson 539

Sheffield 682

Slawson 1,013

Dist.18 Judge

Hewlett 992

Huffman 878


Yocham 540

West 1,798

Prct. 1 Commissioner

Sims 123

Harris 239

Freas 109

Brown 57

Prct. 3 Commissioner

Ray 128

Cocita 76

Wood 123

Vaughn 72

Flournoy 86

Andersen 124