Amid the current concerns with the coronavirus and the precautions being taken locally and around the world, people still need to get out of the house to enjoy safe activities, fresh air and exercise when possible.
Using common sense and recommended social distancing practices, people still have lots of options that are safe and unrestricted in Glen Rose and Somervell County.
With those thoughts in mind, we asked Kristen Gibson, director of the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau to provide a few tips for travelers and local residents alike to enjoy local attractions — without taking unnecessary risks. And many local options involve no cost, such as taking a leisurely walk through historic downtown Glen Rose.
Gibson even noted that the city’s website has an updated list of businesses offering additional services including curbside pickup and online ordering (see below, along with her other responses, in this question and answer format):
Q: What are the most important things for potential visitors to know about coming here at this time, considering the virus concerns?
A: We have many wonderful attractions that are outdoor and allow for social distancing, fresh air and exercise.
Q: What are the most interesting or fun things that visitors might want to do here, while still being able to control their social distancing and surroundings?
A: Climb, splash, or fish at Big Rocks Park, walk along Paluxy River Walk, explore the amazing animals from your own car at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (check first online at, hike and explore the river and dinosaur tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park (, canoe, fish, or splash at Wheeler Branch Reservoir and more.
Q: What other activities or attractions are available currently?
A: We are keeping an updated list of businesses offering additional services including curbside pickup, online ordering, etc., on our website (
Q: Assuming that things will be getting back to "normal" before the heart of the summer arrives, what would you say about looking forward from here?
A: That your tourism partners ALWAYS need you! Continue to support them in any way you can! Like and share their social media posts, show them some love. Give them a phone call and let them know you’re thinking of them, order online, get gift certificates, pick up a meal, etc. Get to know what amazing things are here in your town for residents and visitors alike, and enjoy them! You will become an ambassador for all things to explore in Glen Rose! We are so much better when we work together!