Glen Rose ISD was scheduled to return to school on Monday, March 23, but due to the ongoing concerns of the coronavirus, Wayne Rotan, superintendent of GRISD, released a post on Facebook Tuesday at 5 p.m. extending the school closure through Friday, March 27.
“The goal of Glen Rose ISD is to make this the best possible experience under the current factors that confront all of us,” Rotan wrote in the Facebook post. “We are certainly aware of the hardships the closure will have on families and do not take this decision lightly. Glen Rose ISD will work every day to provide the best remote learning environment possible.”
To ensure a continuation of education, all campuses are transitioning to an online learning service.
“This is going to be a change for all of us, but we will roll up our sleeves and work to support our students and families with structured and meaningful video lessons, assignments and remote learning opportunities,” Rotan wrote. “We are blessed with vast resources, willing staff and families to make this happen. A learning curve confronts us all and we must continue to work together to make the best of a bad situation. Together we will weather this storm.”
All extracurricular programs, competitions and practices are canceled through Sunday, March 29.
Glen Rose ISD will continue to provide meals free of charge to all students throughout the school closure.
Rotan encourages parents to ensure their student is an active participant in the new educational format and to communicate any issues that arise with the online/remote learning.
Glen Rose ISD will continue to provide ongoing communication from the district and campus level to keep families and students up to date with the situation. Parents and students are advised to check their email, social media and the Glen Rose ISD website for updated information.
“Thank you for your continued support and together we will overcome all obstacles before us,” Rotan added.