First United Methodist Church of Glen Rose is hosting a Drive-By Easter Egg Hunt from Wednesday, April 8 through Tuesday, April 14.

"We hate to miss out – or for anyone to miss out – on Easter egg hunts at Easter. We thought of it in a different way," said Owen McKnight, pastor at FUMC. "We’ve seen on social media how different churches and different communities are finding ways to be together separately during this time so we thought we would do an Easter egg scavenger hunt instead."

FUMC has placed 18 2-feet tall Easter eggs throughout the city of Glen Rose.

Participants can take pictures of the eggs, post them on Facebook and tag First United Methodist Church Glen Rose.

The only rule is that all participants need to stay in their cars because every egg can be seen from the road.

McKnight told the Reporter that he doesn’t want to give too many hints, but he mentioned that Barnard Street is a "good place to start."

"They’re in front yards, in front of businesses and different places like that. They’re spread all over but all of them are within the city limits," he said.

McKnight said the scavenger hunt should keep families busy and will provide them with "hours of entertainment."

"We’re excited to get to offer that to the community," he said. "We’re happy that people are sheltering in place voluntarily and being really careful, but we also want to give families, parents and all the kids an opportunity to get out of the house, so it should be a lot of fun."