Jordan Moore’s #OutlastCOVID challenge may have been a simple idea, but the concept of people helping people has spread like wildfire in the community.

On March 23, Moore posted a video on Facebook announcing that he was issuing a challenge to the Glen Rose community, as the owner of Glen Rose Auto Parts. He stated that he would be kicking off what he dubbed the #OutlastCOVID effort on March 25. Moore donated a free meal coupon from Hammond’s B-B-Q for each of the 47 employees of the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office to pick up at their own concenience.

Many of the restaurants have delivered the donated meals, such as when Brazos Valley Title took meals to the night shift employees at Glen Rose Medical Center.

“I would like to see other businesses, like ourselves, who are able to stay open and thrive during these times,” Moore said in the video post. “I challenge them to step up and find a locally-owned restaurant here in Glen Rose and to do the same — to find a group of people.

“Maybe it’s the fire department, or maybe it’s a doctor’s office or a group of nurses … who are on the front line of this, putting their lives on the line every day — to support them, and also to support our local restaurants.”

He said in the video that he had challenged Mike Williams of MW Supply, who agreed to accept the challenge.

“He’s going to be doing the same thing,” Moore said. “I already talked with a couple of other people who will be following suit.”

Because so many restaurants are struggling as a result of the effort to stay home because of the virus situation, Moore stated in the video, “We want them to be there when all this ends, and the only way for that to happen is if we support them during this time.”

Moore told the Glen Rose Reporter that he feels grateful his store is categorized as an essential business, and therefore can remain open while many others are temporarily shut down to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“I felt lucky as a business owner that I was able to stay open and not take a big hit,” he said, adding that it was “not only to support our restaurants, but also to give encouragement to the people on the front lines.”

Moore stated in an email to The Reporter that as of Monday evening he counted about 40 companies that had bought meals for at least one group of front line workers. The efforts benefitted workers from locations that included Glen Rose Medical Center and Glen Rose Healthcare, along with many other medical clinics and nursing facilities, plus other worthy recipients.

“I believe well over 1,000 meals have been given to front line workers and purchased from locally owned restaurants as part of this challenge,” Moore said. “The first businesses to take part in this challenge were Glen Rose Auto Parts, MW Supply, Cleburne Fence, First Financial Bank Glen Rose, Pinnacle Bank, Custom Concrete Staining, Glen Rose Carpet and Tile, and Western Wealth Advisors.

“I continue to hear of several businesses each day who are continuing on the challenge. DT Roofing, Cheerful Hearts and 95.5 KHITS have been instrumental in continuing the challenge into Hood County. Endless Discoveries also took the challenge to Saginaw.”

Moore is encouraging others to take up the #OutlastCOVID challenge in their own area communities.

“They should use the #OutlastCOVID in any social media post so that we can track it and share it so more people can see the good that is being done,” Moore wrote in his email.

Moore noted that the challenge had taken off faster than he expected.

“It’s pretty amazing to see the business owners of the community that have really stepped up and also the people working on the front lines,” he said.

“It’s been a financial support for the businesses, but it has also been a support for the community — to have something to rally around and bring hope when everything’s gloomy. It’s something that not only businesses can support, but individuals and families can take part in.

“Every day, I get two or three businesses that want to take part in it. It’s left up to each business who they want to support.”

To participate in the #OutlastCOVID challenge, Moore can be reached at Glen Rose Auto Parts, 215 NE Barnard St. in Glen Rose (phone 254-897-2852).