Glen Rose resident and student Rachel Brister is giving back to first responders by creating Back the Blue and firefighter masks.

“I was really sick most of my life and my community, friends and family were always there to support me,” she said. “Knowing what it’s like to be sick is what’s pushing me to make sure other families and their loved ones are safe from this virus.”

With the help of Linda Bell from Granbury, Clara Gartman from Glen Rose and Sandra Christopher from Joshua, Brister and her team have already made 80 masks for police officers in Bedford, Midlothian, Granbury, Fort Worth, Mineral Wells and even as far as Charleston, South Carolina.

Brister is currently working on getting numbers for the first responders in Glen Rose.

Each mask is made out of black cotton material and features a blue or red stripe down the middle.

“They come with a wire sewn in to conform and fit to your face,” Brister said.

Brister is selling her masks for $8 each, with the money helping her to get more supplies to continue making masks.

“We are collecting donations as well. Money for materials, or just blue, black and red cotton fabrics, Polly cotton fabrics, hand sanitizers and gloves, all which will be distributed with the masks,” she said. “All that I am asking is if you do feel led to donate, please pray over your items and please write a handwritten letter stating your support. It would mean a lot to our first responders and their families.”

To order a mask, call or text Brister at 682-279-6719.

"Thank you for all the love and support that y’all have shown me throughout my life – from LDL foundation and to the staff at Glen Rose ISD, y’all got me and my family through some rough patches and we have never forgotten,” Brister added. “I love each one of y’all with all of my heart and this is me paying it forward – trying to be a reflection of the same love y’all have shown me.”