Scott and Sherri Steenson, residents of the Chalk Mountain area, were residing in their cedar exterior cabin house on Sunday, April 5 when they woke up to a foot and half of water in their basement.

A unique feature of their cabin is the interior sump pump and exterior sump pump situated in the basement to remove rainwater from around the house and under the basement.

Due to the recent heavy rains, both of the pumps failed and flooded their basement, which was full of furniture and personal items.

Scott informed his neighbors, retired medical doctor Rickey Fain and David Greer, landscape company owner, of his dilemma.

Fain immediately called new neighbor Mike Stephens, the new Somervell County Game Warden, and with the help of the three men plus Scott’s neighbors from Nemo, Joe and Diane Cathey, the team quickly got to work, hauling debris and furniture out of the basement.

“It’s beyond gratifying to know that people are still willing to help a neighbor in need,” Scott said. “There were no questions asked other than ‘How can we help you?’ They jumped right in and worked all day helping us out – wading through water and hauling soaked items out of the basement and into the yard. Unbelievable.”

Scott told the Reporter his neighbors also brought pumps, hoses and other equipment, which provided both physical and emotional support to their situation.

“It was very traumatic, I’m sure and extremely hard to deal with. Everything he had was underwater,” Fain said.

Fain said he organized and carried items outside, started drying furniture off and brought some tables over for Scott to lay personal belongings on.

“I’m a retired physician and I enjoyed making a house call,” Fain added, with a chuckle.

Scott would like to thank his neighbors for assisting him and his wife during their time of distress and need.

“In crisis situations like we are enduring as a nation and locally like we experienced, it is heartwarming to know that good neighbors are there ready to provide aid and comfort,” Scott said.

“Scott and Sherri are good neighbors and that’s what neighbors do. Glad to help them,” Fain said. “Always feels good to help, especially when you know the neighbor would happily pay it back.”