A Fort Worth truck driver was transported for treatment of non life-threatening injuries after an April 9 crash, but he narrowly escaped injury from a piece of metal that flew into his windshield.

Somervell County almost became the "final destination" for a 52-year-old truck driver. Fortunately, he survived a brush with death — including a metal fence piece that flew through the air and smashed through his windshield in a horrifying accident on April 9 on FM 199.

Sergeant Ricky Hunter, an area spokesman for the DPS, reported that the man, Scotty Cronian of Fort Worth, was driving a 2015 Freightliner in the northbound lane when the accident happened at about 11:30 a.m.

A Facebook post by Somervell County Fire Department first responders stated that the driver "was almost hit head on and nearly pushed off the bridge by an oncoming truck. If that wasn’t close enough, (the piece of metal) came through the windshield nearly touching his face."

That post also stated that the driver was shaken up and transported for medical treatment.

Hunter’s email states, "another truck tractor traveling southbound crossed the yellow center divider into his lane. Cronian took evasive action to avoid that truck and hit the guardrail. He then left the roadway and struck several trees. Cronian was transported to Glen Rose Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries."

SCFD Fire Chief Mark Crawford told the Glen Rose Reporter that the metal that narrowly missed striking the truck driver’s head was "from a fence he hit."

Crawford added that the man told first responders that he had to hug the right side of the road to avoid the oncoming 18-wheeler.

Hunter noted that the other driver did not stop. When asked in a follow-up email if the driver of the other truck is being sought for possible arrest to face criminal charges, Hunter replied, "The investigation into that vehicle is still ongoing."