COVID-19 has drastically changed how 2020 seniors will remember their last year of high school, with students missing out on prom, graduation and senior parties.

To help make their senior year special amid the pandemic, thousands of schools across Texas are creating 'Adopt a Senior' Facebook groups for individuals to 'adopt' a senior by creating gift baskets filled with words of encouragement, gift cards and other items.

Morgan Laura Loper saw a post that another local woman had made about adopting a senior and messaged her, offering her help with anything she needed, but the woman told Loper that she was too busy and asked if Loper would organize a Facebook group instead.

“I was leery because we have only lived here a few months and I don't know anyone but the realtor, Marilyn Phillips...who has been a huge help by being a go-between with the schools and letting her office be a drop off point,” Loper said.

With 121 GRHS graduating seniors, all were sponsored within 36 hours and now the group has 392 members.

“By 'sponsoring' a student, I will be providing them with a goodie basket to include words of encouragement, cards, gift cards, anything I can find to bring a little cheer,” Loper said.

The Facebook group is filled with posts of individuals making T-shirts, Yeti cups, keychains and signs for the seniors.

“My heart hurts for the Senior class as well as their parents and family,” Loper said. “It's been fun chatting to different people in town and I love the outpouring of support I've seen for these kids.”

The senior parade will start at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6 and gifts will be placed behind the seniors' names in alphabetical order. Sponsors are encouraged to attend the parade but must remain in their vehicle due to social distancing guidelines. Sponsors and parents are also encouraged to make a sign or decorate their car to support their senior.

“Join the group to see how we can come together as a community to show love and encouragement to the class of 2020,” Loper added.