Glen Rose High School seniors will be able to have an in-person graduation at 8:15 p.m. on Friday, May 22, at Glen Rose Tiger Stadium, although certain guidelines will be in place.

"We’re trying to do the best we can with an in-person graduation ceremony," said Kelly Shackelford, principal of Glen Rose High School. "We surveyed the students to find out what they wanted to do and whether they wanted to have it virtually and they overwhelmingly said they wanted to have an in-person ceremony. We’re just making the best of a not-so-good situation."

The following guidelines for graduation are listed below:


Each graduating senior will be able to request a maximum of 14 tickets for graduation.

Tickets will be designated for the east or west side stands to be determined by the side each graduate will enter and exit the stadium.

Each ticket will also have a designated gate for entrance to the stadium.


Gates will open to the public at 7:15 p.m.

Parking and entrance to the west side stands will be directly behind the west side stands, behind Tiger Arena and baseball/softball concession stand parking.

Parking and entrance to the east side of the stands will utilize the auditorium parking lot, teacher parking lot and the parking lot across from the Red Fieldhouse.

Tickets will designate the side of the stadium on which guests will sit and gate for entry.

The Somervell County Sheriff’s Department and GRISD administrators will be available to help provide guidance and directions at all entrances and exits.


Glen Rose ISD asks that each guest maintain six feet of "social distancing" outside of one’s household family and for guests to not sit in restricted areas.

Glen Rose ISD will utilize every other row of seating at the football stadium.

Same household units may sit together but must maintain six feet of "social distancing" from non-household units.

There will be no assigned or reserved seating; only assigned side of the stadium.


A jumbotron will be placed on each side of the stage showing each student as they receive their diploma.

A professional photographer will take pictures of all graduates as they cross the stage.

The ceremony will follow traditional ceremonies of years past, including the passing of the Gonfalon, class history speech, Tigers Eye Winner address, valedictorian address and salutatorian address.

Students will turn their tassels as a class after all diplomas are awarded and hat toss will follow.


Guests are asked to wear a mask or face covering while entering and exiting the stadium. Guests can remove their face masks once they arrive at their seat.

If a guest is feeling ill, feverish, has a headache, sore throat, cough or has been in contact with a person who has COVID-19, they are asked to please stay home and watch the graduation through the GRISD livestream at

Persons 65 years or older, as well as people with underlying health conditions, such as heart or lung disease or diabetes, are encouraged to watch the livestream ceremony.


At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates and guests will be released by row to stagger the exit and maintain social distancing. Guests are asked to exit through the same gate they entered and maintain "social distancing."

At the completion of the ceremony, the Somervell County Sheriff's Department will release guests one row at a time starting from the lowest rows to the top.

GRISD asks all parties to not gather in groups and adhere to all social distancing guidelines at the conclusion of the ceremony.

"We've talked for a long time, Mr. (Wayne) Rotan (GRISD superintendent) and myself and the rest of the administrators and I think it’s going to work out," Shackelford said. "We've got a fairly decent plan in place. It's going to be one of those deals where I hope when it’s over that people go, ‘We should do that every year.’ That’s a goal is to make it that special, but I guess time will tell."