The Comfort Inn & Suites of Glen Rose will be donating 20 percent of all taxable revenue earned between May 22-24 to the LDL Educational Resource Foundation in honor of the senior class of 2020.

The LDL Educational Resource Foundation is a charitable organization in support of education, health and environmental projects for the youth and adults of Somervell County and adjacent counties.

“The big inspiration [for the donation] is just seeing the outpour of support in our community and seeing how all of the small businesses have been giving back to all of those during this time. We wanted to help give back as well,” said Debra Jones, general manager for The Comfort Inn & Suites of Glen Rose.

Jones said Comfort Inn is potentially going to start doing more non-profit donations in the future, starting with PaPa’s Pantry.

“During this time, it has inspired us to give back to the community to areas that other people might not realize they’re there until it’s needed,” she said. “Like for instance, PaPa’s Pantry. Not a lot of people think about it until they come into that time of need, so we want to get a head start and make sure that they’re able to help the community with donations.”

Jones said she loves being able to help the LDL Foundation because she sees the effort that the non-profit organization puts into helping seniors with scholarships and how much the organization gives back into the community.

“It's definitely heartwarming to be able to help impact,” she added. “It’s nice to see such a small town have such a big heart.”