You may have heard the saying “take a bite out of life” but one zebra at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center may have taken that phrase a bit too literally.

Phil and Rene Blackwell of Hamilton were visiting Fossil Rim last year, just like they do several times a year.

“We've bought yearly memberships as long as I can remember,” Rene said. “There’s so many pictures we have. I'm so organized about it. I have everything filed. I could tell you which animals we saw on which day according to the photographs going back through the last few decades.”

The Blackwells were visiting the giraffes which, as Rene says, are “the main draw besides the cheetahs.”

Rene said zebras are highly intelligent so they tend to hang around the giraffes because they know the tourists are going to feed them.

The Blackwells pulled up behind a Chevy Tahoe and saw a giraffe bend down to get a treat from the man driving the Tahoe.

Allegedly, the man’s wife stood up out of the vehicle’s open window with a camera in hand, attempting to get a great shot.

"She stood up in the seat and sat on the windowsill and half her butt was outside the windshield trying to get a picture,” Phil said.

Unsuspecting to what was happening behind her, the woman was talking to her husband and trying to take a picture but suddenly, a zebra came up behind her and latched down on her bottom.

“That zebra saw his opportunity, and he took a big chomp,” Rene said.

“She screamed and threw the camera. The zebra just stood there and looked at us and kind of gave that little laugh,” Phil said.

The Blackwells quickly grabbed their camera and snapped a picture, which does appear to depict the zebra laughing.

Phil and Rene pulled up next to the Tahoe to make sure the woman was OK.

“The younger girl in back – she was about 9 or 10 – she was laughing loudly,” Phil said. “I questioningly shrugged at little girl and she said to me, ‘Momma had that coming.’”

Phil told the Reporter he came across the photo and wanted to share his experience with the paper.

“We sure do love Fossil Rim,” Rene said. “Any chance I get to tell people who are not from around the area, I tell them, ‘You’ve got to go to Fossil Rim.’ It’s an experience. It’s a sin not to take your kids. Let them see what animals are and be able to actually touch them.”

Although, maybe you shouldn’t turn your back on them...