Barely a month after Glen Rose Police Chief Weldon Mitchell was placed on investigatory probation, the Glen Rose City Council relieved him of duties and transferred him to the water and sewer department.

City council members held a special meeting June 2 at 5:30 p.m. to evaluate Mitchell. After deliberating behind closed doors for an hour and a half, the council reconvened in open session and voted three to two to transfer Mitchell to the new department at a pay-rate of $16.50 an hour. He will also keep all benefits, including vacation, sick leave and any accrued time.

Councilmen Bob Stricklin, Dr. Rocky Terry and Ricky Villa voted in favor of the transfer with Chris Bryant and Council woman Barbara Mitchell voting against.

Bryant originally called for the first executive session in May regarding Mitchell's performance after receiving a number of verbal complaints from citizens.

Although Mitchell did accept the council's final decision, he did not submit a letter of resignation or ask to be transferred.