The Glen Rose City Council received word Monday that a funding grant for Oakdale Park would be postmarked and shipped by Friday to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Park planner Dennis Sims said the plan which will be presented in hopes of gaining funding is based on the comprehensive plan the council approved several weeks ago.

Among the proposed renovations for the park, which will gain grant points, were renovating the swimming pool and four RV spaces, installing two new pavillions, six park benches and a new playground, along with a sand volleyball court and multipurpose court.

“(The city) is trying to get the maximum amount of money, which is $500,000,” Sims said.

Sims said the state would award additional points for connecting parks to one another. For that, he designed a trail that would loop around the adjacent five acres to Oakdale Park, which the city also purchased. Sims said he is also looking for a way to connect Big Rocks Park with Oakdale.

Sims received unanimous support from the council for the presented application.

“It is a six-month review process,” Sims said.

Sims told the council they should know an amount by the third week in August if the grant is awarded.