Glen Rose Independent School District (GRISD) campuses are getting ready for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Glen Rose High School Principal Tommy Corcoran said TAKS testing starts the first week of March with the reading and English and Language Arts tests.

The math portion will be tested in six weeks.

Corcoran said the high school campus initiated a Tiger Time Program this year to help students prepare for the state mandated test.

Freshman, sophomore and junior students use study hall time four days a week to work on TAKS material. The fifth day is used as a UIL practice day.

Corcoran feels Tiger Time not only helps students prepare for TAKS, but also generates more interest in UIL competitions.

Chief Appraiser Wes Rollen also addressed the board about the state comptroller’s property value study. The district is in the second year of a grace period for reporting property values lower than the state feels is accurate.

Rollen said they are working to correct the discrepancy, but said he is appealing some of the findings because the state uses a national average system, which he feels does not reflect true area values.

“We’re going to do a re-appraisal of property in the school district to make sure things aren’t being missed,” Rollen said.

The state comptroller requires appraisal districts to report property values that are within five percent of the state-estimated value.

To test reported property values, the state randomly selects 35 properties. In one category tested, the Somervell County Appraisal District tested at 26 percent lower than what the state said it should.

Rollen added that he has a hard time believing the district is that far off the values when residents are already concerned about property value increases.

Board members reviewed 13 district employee contracts during a closed session. The contracts for all 13 were extended by one year.

Superintendent Wayne Rotan, whose contract was extended last month, received a 5 percent pay raise at the close of Monday night’s meeting.