Burglars pried open the front door of the Wilson's Mobil convenience station on U.S. Highway 67 early Tuesday morning and stole a “substantial” amount of cash.

The latest strike comes just a few weeks after the Travel Plaza Exxon station at U.S. 67 and State Highway 144 reported a theft on April 12. The Somervell County Sheriff's Office determined that the business had been burglarized and $1,540 stolen from an ATM machine.

Somervell County Chief Deputy Derrell McCravey said similar offenses have been reported in Johnson and Hood counties, as well as Stephenville. The burglars typically break in while convenience stores are closed and steal cash.

“The guys that are doing this are very professional in the way they go about it,” McCravey said.

Asked whether it was a few individuals or a combination of people doing the burglaries, McCravey said, “It's a ring.”

The Mobil station burglary occurred shortly before 1 a.m., McCravey said. The money was taken from a storage area, not an ATM. The burglary was discovered when an employee arrived to work there early Tuesday morning.

No fingerprints were discovered, but authorities are examining images from the store's video cameras that recorded the burglars, although they were “somewhat disguised,” McCravey said.

The Somervell Sheriff's Office is working with police and sheriff's departments in the other areas that have been hit, as well as using the North Central Texas Fusion Center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to comb through other law enforcement reports and pick up intelligence that might be helpful.

Right now authorities have no suspects and no motives for the burglaries.

McCravey had a message for the general public: “Anybody that sees something that seems out of place, please call.”