Robert Earl Buttery made a brief appearance in the 249th District Courtroom Wednesday morning for a scheduled pre-trial hearing before Judge D. Wayne Bridewell.

Defense attorneys Dick Turner and Patrick Barkman appeared with Buttery at the hearing.

Assistant District Attorney Stuart Neal represented the state.

After comparing schedules, July 27 was tentatively set as Buttery’s day in court.

Bridewell urged Buttery to work with his lawyers to make sure everyone is ready to go to trial in July.

Buttery was booked into the Somervell County Jail on Oct. 10, 2006 and charged with two counts of murder and assault.

In September 2008, Buttery’s October trial date was delayed when defense attorneys Shelly Fowler and Ben Turner requested to be removed from the case.

During the hearing, Buttery alleged that R.C. Reynolds, a private investigator, told him that Fowler made inappropriate comments about the case. Fowler denied the accusation.