Somervell County residents voted against the creation of a hospital district after the special election concluded on Feb. 14.

Final numbers showed that 597 people voted against establishing the countywide district and 336 voted in favor of it.

“Obviously the election was disappointing, but the community spoke out through the election,” said Gary Marks, CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center (GRMC).

Marks said GRMC would continue to operate and move forward. He plans to work closely with the board of directors over the next few weeks.

“We will look at our operations to see what we can change and what we can do to move forward,” Marks said.

Marks also said that plans to staff a physician’s clinic in Meridian would also be evaluated during the process.

Meridian Manor, a nursing home facility in Bosque County has been at the center of controversy after reports surfaced about plans the Glen Rose Health Partnership had to purchase the facility.

Rose Beck has been a spokeswoman for the independently operated partnership.

GRMC is not affiliated with the Glen Rose Health Care Partnership.

Marks said previously that GRMC did have an interest in staffing the physician’s clinic located in the same facility as Meridian Manor as a way to bring more revenue into Somervell and GRMC.