Making donations can help make more memories for more visitors at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Some people may not realize that Fossil Rim is a nonprofit, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. That means gifts are tax-deductible.

Fossil Rim needs gifts of cash and check, in-kind donations and volunteers. And it needs more people to visit the park, especially this time of year, which is the traditional slow season.

“We also have a wish list of in-kind things rather than cash,” noted Patrick Condy, Fossil Rim's executive director. The list is published on

It includes 21 items such as a foot step stool needed for tour buses; dog beds - “used for the pigs to sleep on;” heavy-duty flexible hose needed for cleaning animal cages, watering the gardens and giving fresh water to the animals; pet cargo kennels for transporting parrots for vet visits and moving between pens; Black & Decker lithium ion drill to build new items and fix older ones used around the animal enclosures; a Kong Extreme toy used for “enrichment” for wolves, parrots and pigs; heavy-duty bird perches; foraging toys for birds; and plastic igloo dog house, a “great alternative to wood housing for our maned wolves,” according to the description on the wish list.

To see the entire list, go to and click on “gifts and wish lists,” then type Fossil Rim Wildlife Center into the search box.

Items purchased will be shipped directly to Fossil Rim and buyers will receive a letter to claim their tax-deductible in-kind contribution.

Part of the reason Fossil Rim especially needs donations this year is because it had to buy so much hay during the drought.