As part of his bond condition Michael Henry Sneed, who was indicted for sexual assault in December, was ordered by the court to not return to the Somervell County Expo Center for work during his arraignment Wednesday. Sneed was recently named the 2009 Public Events Employee of the Year for his "customer oriented" work ethic.

District Attorney Dale Hanna requested Sneed not return to the Expo Center because he would be in contact with children and teenagers, individuals close to the age of his alleged victim.

"The Expo Center is a place where children come for various events and teenagers may come there alone," Hanna said.

Sneed's attorney said the request was unnecessary since the crime was committed against an adult. Hanna, however, would not change his suggestion to the court because the alleged victim was only 17.

"I'm not willing to reinvent the wheel in a place where he will be in contact with children or teenagers," Hanna said.

District Judge Wayne Bridewell sided with Hanna and ordered Sneed to have no contact with his alleged victim and not to return to the Expo Center. Sneed, who is an employee of Somervell County, was authorized to transfer to another department in the county if possible.

Sneed pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual assault.