Some citizens love and some hate the Hollywood & Vine sign in eyeshot of the historic square. But regardless of personal feelings, Glen Rose City Council members said it has not not been properly permitted and they want to reach a compromise with the restaurant owners.

“It’s not whether I like or dislike the sign,” City Councilwoman Sandra Ramsay said. “The issue is I don’t seem to a find a permit on file for that sign.”

Co-owner Dobber Stephenson appeared before the council last month to present hundreds of signatures on petitions from customers, including people from the city and county and outside the area, who support the sign.

Stephenson has said that city inspectors knew he was planning to erect a big Hollywood sign on the hill behind the restaurant. Then he decided to move it above a city easement.

Several business owners on the square have complained that the sign is “tacky” and departs from the Preservation District’s style.

Stephenson said he just wants people to be able to see his restaurant, which is hidden behind the courthouse annex.

But Ramsay said there’s no point in having codes and ordinances if they’re not enforced.

“We don’t need that big, thick book just to have a door stop,” she said.

“The city needs to get back to the basics of ordinances and policies so no individuals are given any exceptions,” Ramsay added.

“As a councilman, I don’t necessarily like every ordinance passed, but we have to enforce them,” Councilman Dennis Moore added.

“The city wants to be business-friendly,” Ramsay said. “But it’s not whether I like the place or like eating there or like the people who run it.”

The owners can apply for a variance, Ramsay pointed out.

Mayor Jean King suggested that City Superintendent Ronald Bruce, Code Enforcement Officer Darrell Webb and a member of the council meet with the owners and work out an agreement.

“I’m sure this can all be resolved in a harmonious way,” she said.

Ramsay agreed and moved that a meeting to resolve the matter be set up between Hollywood & Vine’s owners and the city. The council approved the recommendation unanimously.