An ordinary day recently turned in to an extraordinary one when two Glen Rose men prevented collateral damage when their friend suffered a heart attack while driving in Fort Worth last week.

Paul Harper, Max Bly and their friend John had just finished loading two trucks and a trailer with food from the Tarrant County Food Bank before tragedy struck.

The three were heading back to Glen Rose to fill the cupboards at the Somervell County Food Bank, but one of them would not make it.

Paul, who was leading the pack, was sitting at a red light at the intersection of University and Camp Bowie when he realized something was wrong.

“They flew by me really fast,” Paul said. “I thought their brakes were out.”

But it wasn’t the brakes. It turns out John, the driver of the other truck, suffered a heart attack and passed out at the wheel.

Max, the passenger in John’s truck, said he was unsure what happened to John at first, but reacted quickly.

“When I realized he wasn’t coming out of it, I put it in neutral…trying to slow the vehicle down,” Max said. “I just used my left hand and laid on the horn and used my right to steer.”

Max looked up and realized the pair was headed for disaster when he saw cars piled up at the intersection.

“We had a red light on our side,” Max said. “I said ‘I’ve got (a turn lane open) but we are going to get broad sided if we go through this light.’”

Thankfully someone was looking out for Max and John.

“The Lord was watching out,” Max said. “I no more got straight into the left hand turn lane and the (green) light went on.”

Paul, who witnessed the entire event from a few lanes over, quickly followed the truck and ran to the rescue.

“I knocked on the window (of the truck) and no one answered,” Paul said.

Max soon opened the door and was already dialing 9-1-1.

“(John) looked like he was not in good shape,” Paul said. “To me it didn’t look like he was breathing. I pushed him back in his seat and took his seat belt off. I just started pumping his chest to (beat) his heart.”

Paul continued the chest compressions until the ambulance arrived.

“Four (medics) pulled him out of the truck in the intersection (and worked on him),” Paul said.

Max said he remembers the paramedics performing CPR, using a defibulator and an IV before loading John up and transferring him to a Fort Worth hospital.

John is reportedly still recovering in the hospital. No further information on his condition was available at press time.