Two Somervell County sisters have made a habit of serving their community. Darlene Chambers, Somervell County tax assessor-collector, and Karolee Oates-Wolfe, Somervell County Precinct 1 constable, were elected to office in the November general election. The sisters were sworn in together in January.

Community service runs in the family, although neither sister really planned on a life in public office.

The pair came to Glen Rose as young girls to live with their mother Bobbie Timmerman and her late husband D.O. Timmerman.

“Mom and D.O. owned the Feed Mill in Walnut Springs and she now owns Bobbie’s Feed Store in Glen Rose,” Chambers said.

“My grandfather was a police officer in Dallas in the 40s,” Oates-Wolfe said.

Their uncle, Doug Ransom, is a sergeant for the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department.

Both sisters got their start working together as dispatchers at the sheriff’s office in Somervell County.

“At the very beginning it was simply a matter of needing a job and it grew into something,” Oates-Wolfe said.

Oates-Wolfe was later the 911 coordinator and was responsible for addressing the county, and eventually went to the police academy in 2000. She then became jail administrator.

“At one time, Glen Rose had three women police officers and now they’re just down to me,” Oates-Wolfe said.

Her experience with the sheriff’s office inspired her to run for constable.

“I just felt like there was something I could give to the constable’s office,” Oates-Wolfe said.

Chambers left her dispatcher position before moving to the tax assessor’s office as chief deputy.

“I actually came to work here in 1997 for the previous tax assessor,” Chambers said.

She was then appointed by the Commissioner’s Court in December 2003 to fulfill the unexpired term of the previous tax assessor.

“I enjoy the job; I enjoy it a lot,” Chambers said.

So she decided to run for the position when the next election rolled around in 2004. She ran unopposed and was unopposed again in the 2008 election.

After both sisters were elected, they were excited to be sworn in together for the first time.

“I tried hard to make sure we were standing close during the swearing in so we’d be next to one another in the pictures,” Oates-Wolfe said.

Although both sisters do some of their work in the same building, their jobs rarely give them a chance to see each other at work.

“It’s neat to attend some of the same meetings, talk about the county topics and about budgets,” Chambers said.

“There’s not any cross-over between our jobs,” Oates-Wolfe said. “I can talk to her in the law enforcement lingo though and she still understands it from our dispatcher days.”

Chambers is married to Danny Chambers, a lifelong resident of Somervell County and a local businessman.

Oates-Wolfe married Terry Wolfe in August 2008. Wolfe is a 28-year retired deputy from Somervell County.