When Gary Sisson of Bonham donned a white wig, long black coat, white stockings and black shoes to play the celebrated orator of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry, he captured both the audience and the spirit of that day in 1775 when Henry called on colonists to arm themselves against the British.

As he recited Henry’s speech for hundreds of people gathered at the Somervell County Courthouse on Friday morning for Constitution Day, the crowd waited for the famous line “…as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

The fiery words rang across the square to applause. Other actors dressed in colonist attire stood with city officials, including Mayor Pam Miller, and county commissioners in the shade of the tall oak trees. Students from Glen Rose schools also attended the event.

The commemoration was sponsored by the Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Brazos Valley Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Sept. 17 marked the 223rd anniversary of the drafting of the U.S. Constitution by the Constitutional Convention. Sept. 17 through 23 has been designated as Constitution Week at area schools. Students are being asked to reaffirm the ideals the framers of the Constitution had in 1787.