Sunday was Earth Day, a time to give thanks for our unique planet and to appreciate nature and take better care of it.

Do something nice for Earth on Earth Day or any day, whether it's recycling plastic bottles and bags or turning off the water while you brush your teeth.

Maybe it's time to install those energy-efficient light bulbs or set up a household recycling with containers so the kids can pitch in, too, and learn about not wasting resources or creating more waste.  

Mrs. Crawford's class at Glen Rose Elementary School took time to decorate a case of paper grocery bags donated by David's supermarket. Then they gave them back to the grocery store for customers to use. Go by David's and ask for one of them. They are works of art. 

Whatever the Earth Day effort, no matter how large or small, just take time to look around and realize that it's our planet and no one can take care of it but us.