For years, a few standout Somervell County residents have shared a dream. This year, that dream will finally come true.

“Karen Davenport dreamed of this for years,” Karen Richardson, member of the Christmas in the Park Planning Committee said. “She is really Father Christmas in this community if there ever was one.”

Last year, Davenport received a special present. John Hawkins came forward and was willing to help make her vision come to life.

So, in May, Davenport, Richardson, Hawkins and his daughter, Lisa Lever, began planning Christmas in the Park for December 2009. The event will be a two-week program on Friday and Saturday nights Dec. 11-12 and Dec. 18-19.

“This is just a blessing,” Dorothy Leach of the Somervell County Historical Commission said. “We wanted to have it (historic park) there so people could do this.”

As the clouds float away from the dream and the picture becomes clear, the Planning Committee realized they would need one thing - volunteers - lots of volunteers.

“For this inaugural year, we would like to adorn each of the four buildings in the park with period decorations, and also open up the buildings for a holiday tour,” Richardson said. “Volunteers are needed for each of the four houses and for the grounds overall. Each house needs a house manager…decorating volunteers and host/hostess to staff the building during the open hours.”

Richardson and the rest of the committee hope to have individuals dressed in period clothing which will be consistent with the building they are staffing.

The first building needing volunteers is the Capt. J.J. Farr House.

According to the Historical Commission, the Farr House is named for the first man and his family who occupied it in the 1870s - vintage dwelling. Farr was a lawyer and a confederate veteran. He served in Co. I, 12th Mississippi Infantry with the C.S.A. during the Civil War and later practiced law in Granbury. His son, J.H. Farr served as the Somervell County Judge from 1912-14.

While it is unknown who built the house, it is one of the earliest permanent dwellings in Glen Rose.

The house has a basement, which is uncommon for the area. It is said that it took considerable know-how to make it sound and water tight.

“This house is a representation of the readily-available limestone for structures in this area of Texas,” its marker states.

The house was purchased by Somervell County in the 1990s.

To sponsor the Farr House for Christmas in the Park, call Richardson at 254-897-1960 or Hawkins at 254-897-9110.