The Glen Rose City Council called a city election for May 9 and set two days aside for early voting. The election will include contests for three two-year terms on the council, held by Mayor Pam Miller and council members Chris Bryant and Bob Stricklin.

Early voting for the election is slated for Thursday, April 30, and Monday, May 4.

Council members also received bids from both local newspapers, vying to be named the official newspaper of Glen Rose for 2009.

After looking over the bids, council members agreed to review the packets and make a decision next month.

The council granted authorization to the city maintenance department to clear debris from the storm drainage area between Cedar and Hereford Street.

“Ronald and I walked up there and it is considerable wash-off,” Stricklin said, referring to Ronald Bruce, city superintendent.

Stricklin added that it appeared most of the debris coming from Highway 67 has been washed away. Barring any major floods, the problem should not reoccur once the debris is cleared.

Margaret Drake updated the council on the Riverwalk. She said a feasibility report had been completed regarding moving and reconstructing a Bosque County bridge that was to be a pedestrian bridge on the Riverwalk.

The revised report estimated reconstruction costs at $797,600. Drake said the council voted to stop pursuing the bridge.