For his outstanding efforts with the first ever Christmas in the Park event, John Hopkins was named Glen Rose Citizen of the Year during Monday’s city council meeting.

“There are so many people who contribute and do so much,” Mayor Pam Miller said. “We are so thankful.”

Hopkins took on the challenge of a new event in Glen Rose, advocating for the Lanham Mill Schoolhouse in Heritage Park, which he decorated for the Christmas in the Park event. Hopkins also helped decorate the other buildings in the historic park, bringing a new life to it for the holiday season.

“Lanham Mill School is my baby - I love it,” Hopkins said. “My goal is to drive through that park and make Cleburne look like a dump.”

Hopkins didn’t share love and pride for a park alone, however.

“If I could give a motto to this city it would be the city of memories,” he said. “It’s a great city. I really appreciate this honor. Thank you so much.”