A collision between a car and an18-wheeler caused traffic to back up on U.S. Highway 67 Thursday afternoon at rush hour. Neither driver was injured, although paramedics were called to the scene and the car driver suffered some abrasions when the driver-side air bag deployed. A1998 Saturn sedan, driven by Ashley Watson of Granbury, took the brunt of damage. Watson, a student at the Hill College’s cosmetology school near the Somervell County Expo Center, said she was heading home to Granbury and was at the stop sign at Bo Gibbs Boulevard and U.S. 67, preparing to turn left. She said her line of sight was blocked by a truck in the right lane that passed by and when she pulled out she did not see an 18-wheeler in the left lane. It was fully loaded, carrying a load of Hardie board and was driven by L.T. Reidland of Schulenburg. Reidland said he was heading west on U.S. 67 and had moved over to the left lane to avoid cars trying to turn right onto Bo Gibbs Boulevard. “She turned right out in front of me,” Reidland said. The truck grazed Watson’s car, destroying the front end. One of the truck’s back tires blew out and others were scraped. Watson was shaken up and attended to by paramedics as officers from the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department took statements and directed traffic around the accident scene.