As Black Friday approaches, retailers across the nation are revealing lists of door busting deals, buy one get one free offers and mega savings. The Reporter wants to know if you plan to travel to shopping centers outside of the county and get in on the shopping frenzy.

C576588D-1A20-0001-15851280A2A01824 Yes - It is a family tradition 9 C576588F-8A80-0001-8F501C5813701A49 Yes - I will be among the first in line 0 C576587D-20C0-0001-13E2A4091A601739 No - The savings are not worth the chaos 6 C5765880-A2A0-0001-28F9D3E01F6D1793 No - I prefer to shop locally and support local businesses 2 C5765893-EBF0-0001-A1BD1C403C103E60 Undecided 1