A father and son were among those indicted by a federal grand jury in Waco on Nov. 9 and arrested again on Friday as part of a methamphetamine ring that operated out of Somervell County, authorities said.

Gary Lynn Ice, 44, of Walnut Springs was indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute meth, possession with intent to distribute meth and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

His son, Gary Trent Ice, 23, of Walnut Springs, was indicted for possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of or addict to a controlled substance.

A third person, Edith Brown Mills, was indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute meth and distribution of meth. Mills was a clerk at Gabe's convenience store in Glen Rose and set up rendezvous for drug sales in the parking lot, authorities said.

All three were arrested on federal charges Friday and were transported to Waco, where they were turned over to the custody of the U.S. Marshal. The two men had been incarcerated in Hood County and Mills was in the Somervell County jail after a previous arrest on related state drug offenses.

Derrell McCravey, Somevell County Sheriffs Department chief deputy, said an investigation is ongoing and that other persons are expected to be identified and subsequent charges filed either through state or federal prosecutors.

He added that the meth drug investigation and subsequent arrests is the largest such drug bust in Somervell County in several years.

In July the Somervell County Sheriffs Department and Stop the Offender Program — Special Crimes Unit initiated a covert narcotics investigation related to illicit drug sales — namely, meth — within the county. The unit identified a “combination” of people actively distributing meth within the Glen Rose area. They included Mills and Gary Lynn Ice.

Through the collective efforts of the Somervell County Sheriff's Department, STOP — Special Crimes Unit, the Cleburne and Burleson police departments and a member of the Texas Rangers, Company B, a search warrant was executed at Gary Lynn Ice's residence on Farm Road 203 on Sept. 10.

The search turned up illicit items including but not limited to a “substantial” quantity of meth, a “distribution quantity” of marijuana, a stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle and other property associated with the sale of meth, authorities said.

Four people were arrested for state-level drug-related offenses: Gary Lynn Ice, for manufacture or delivery; his wife, Christy Lynn Ice, for possession; his son, Gary Trent Ice, for possession; and Michael Waylon Works for possession.

The sheriff's department said numerous items also were seized as “contraband,” including but not limited to multiple motor vehicles and $10,700 in cash discovered in a safe.

The investigation also yielded the seizure of illicit drugs, including but not limited to about 9.4 ounces of meth, having an estimated distribution value of $13,160, and about one pound of marijuana, with an approximate resale value of $450, the sheriffs department reported.

McCravey said that those arrested and indicted were not manufacturing the meth themselves, but were bringing it in from other places.

The three indicted could be tried on both state and federal charges, or the state charges could be dismissed.