Somervell County commissioners confirmed two new Glen Rose Medical Foundation board members Monday during their regular meeting.

Larry Shaw and Sharon Boone will replace former board members Mitch Lucas and Debbie Lambert at the foundation’s June meeting. Lucas and Lambert both resigned from their three-year appointments citing other priorities.

Foundation board member and president Gary Marks told the court that the terms are set to expire in 2010. Shaw was selected for his strong intergovernmental and financial background. Boone was selected because she has a strong background in health care, especially hospitals, and is networked in Pecan Plantation.

Lambert was the representative for the plantation, which represents about 30-percent of the market.

In an interview with the Reporter, Marks said they try to select board members who reflect their market and also fit the skills and talents needed to run an effective foundation.

Marks said after the board defines what skills and talents they are looking for in nominees, a selection committee conducts interviews with candidates before presenting their recommendations to the full board. The board then takes the nominees to the commissioner’s court for confirmation. If the court does not agree with the selections, the process starts over.

But that did not happen Monday as the court voted three to none (Commissioner Lloyd Wirt was absent) to approve Shaw and Boone.

Marks said the county put a requirement in the 2003 lease agreement, which allows the court to approve or disprove potential board members.

“There is constant communication between county government and the board,” Marks said. “It’s an excellent way for us to continue to be partners in this difficult time.