News Editor

The 4-B Tax Advisory Board both approved and denied Riverwalk change orders at a special meeting on Monday, July 20.

Margaret Drake, representing the Riverwalk Project, presented two change orders to the board from Jay Mills, Inc., the construction company in charge of the project. The first change order was for $19,072 to cover concrete walking trails.

The charge was left off of the original total price although it was included in the bid summary because of a clerical error. The board unanimously approved the change order.

The second change order was for $30,600 to add dinosaur footprint and leaf stamping to the concrete.

“This is way too much money and way too out of line,” board member Darrell Best said.

Another board member said the concrete is only 30 percent of the entire trail and that the money could be better spent somewhere else. The board unanimously rejected the change order.

The tax board also passed a preliminary budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year, which will be presented to the Glen Rose city council in August. The budget is based upon a $2.5 million bond being passed and the city purchasing Oak Dale Park. Line item changes can be made to the budget as needed throughout the year.

The advisory board also appointed new officers for the 2009-10 at its regular monthly meeting on Monday, July 14.

Connally Miller was elected as president with three in favor and two abstaining. Mitchell George was elected as vice president with four in favor and one abstaining.

Mike Jones was elected secretary and Chris Bryant will serve a second term as the board’s treasurer.