With recent news that discussions are being held at the nation's capitol relating to the Selective Service System - or military draft registration - the Reporter wants to know if you favor the abolishment of the requirement or expansion of the program to include women. There's reportedly a quiet effort in Congress to abolish the system while Senate is leaning toward the expansion of the draft registration after the Pentagon has opened combat positions up to women.

C5981C69-84C0-0001-6EB515E9E3B0FFF0 I feel it's time to bring an end to the program 3 C5981C6F-FBF0-0001-3AE09DF01E4B8B60 All able-bodied American should be required to register 3 C5981DD1-B120-0001-BCD615D019505CF0 The program should continue as it is now 2 C5981DD5-2D70-0001-1C71611C66601E35 I'm undecided 0