The Glen Rose Reporter will publish a special report on Sept. 7 in honor of the10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the United States.

Like the day President John Kennedy was assassinated (for those of us old enough to remember), Sept. 11 also stands out as a date none of us can forget.

Most Americans can pinpoint where they were that day when they heard about the attacks. A journalist friend of mine was in New York and in Lower Manhattan when the planes hit the World Trade Center towers. He had to run for his life.

Glen Rose citizens have given their lives and are still making sacrifices in the war against terrorism. U.S. Army Cpl. Rhett Allen Butler, 22, was killed in Iraq in 2007. Other soldiers from Glen Rose and Somervell County are still overseas in harm's way.

Our state senator, Brian Birdwell, was in the Pentagon that day when a plane commanded by terrorists slammed into the famous building. Badly burned and injured, Birdwell almost died.

There are other stories worth sharing. We'd like to hear yours. Did you know people who were directly affected that day? Where were you? How has that day changed you and your perception of the world?

Please send your thoughts, memories, pictures and memorials to or call us at 254-897-2282. We'll also run a slide show on our Web site,

Let's honor the fallen by taking time to remember and to also celebrate our freedoms and our lives in this beautiful area that seems so far removed from terrorism, but nevertheless has felt its impact.