The Glen Rose City Council welcomed three new council members Monday night. Ricky Villa and Rocky Terry were re-elected to their positions. Justice of the Peace Dwain Griffin swore in Barbara Mitchell for her first meeting as a Glen Rose city councilwoman.

The council covered several items, but only a few topics drew discussion. Karen Richardson, Board of Preservation chairwoman, recommended revising current tax incentives for the Historic District. Richardson said under the proposed changes, residents would apply annually for tax exemptions and the property must show improvement. The council members accepted the changes.

Big Rock Park received some attention. The council first addressed the issue of fishing at the park. Councilman Chris Bryant has been to the park several times this season and said the park is already crowded. Children are cast netting for fish and throwing what they catch out on the bank. While cast netting is not illegal, he feels the smell from decaying fish will attract buzzards and create a menace.

Bow fishing and spear fishing are also legal in Texas, but the council agreed this was a safety concern. The council passed a motion to prohibit fishing, starting at the dam and continuing downstream to the east.

The second issue for Big Rock Park concerned parking on a portion of Barnard Street. The council again agreed there was a significant safety concern. The council decided to prohibit parking in the 900-block area of Bernard Street. Signs will be posted marking the area as a “tow zone.”

The council also decided to prohibit bulk water sales. Currently, the city charges $4.85 per 1,000 gallons of bulk water, plus a $1,000 meter deposit. Under the new ordinance, the city will recall all nine meters currently in use.

Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Billy Huckaby reported that the 4B Economic Development Tax Corporation has decided to pursue the water park and riverwalk projects. Voters have 60 days to petition before the proposal is brought to the council to finalize.