The Texas House of Representatives adopted House Concurrent Resolution 16 on April 30, naming the paluxysaurus jonesi as the official state dinosaur.

The move topples the 12-year reign of pleurocoelus, which was named as the Lone Star dino after fossils were discovered near the Paluxy River in the 1990s.

Controversy surrounded the discovery, however. And in 2007, Southern Methodist University graduate student Peter Rose determined the bones belonged to a different animal altogether and the paluxysaurus jonesi was born. Rose named the new dinosaur after W.W. Jones, owner of Texas Jones Ranch were the bones were found.

Dinosaur Valley State Park Superintendent Billy Baker took the news of the new official dinosaur in stride.

“That’s great!” Baker said. “That just shows things are always changing and scientists are making new discoveries all the time.”

Baker said the park would have to update and modify exhibits, wording and brochures to reflect the new official dinosaur.

The resolution was authored by Rep. Charlie Geren (R-Fort Worth) and Rep. Sid Miller (R-Stephenville).

“They got to looking into those bones and found a dog collar that said to ‘return to Walter Maynard if found,’” joked Miller. “I knew something was up when Geren asked me to lay out the bill.”

An article from Dallas Morning News reported that supporters of the resolution showed up for the vote in dinosaur costumes.

“But it’s a little more attention to Glen Rose and the state park,” Miller said.

The resolution was passed with a voted of 132 to 1 and has been handed off to the Senate. Miller expects the resolution to pass without any problems.