The Somervell County Sheriff’s Department will use the Glen Rose Elementary campus as a training ground during spring break.

The training is part of the Regional School Intruder Training for all area law enforcement agencies and is conducted through the School Safety Agency and Southwest Texas University.

The purpose of the exercise is to prepare law enforcement to handle intruders on the campus and other emergency situations.

Residents might notice officers out and about the campus from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 17-20.

The GRISD school board approved the 2009-10 academic calendar during the Feb. 23 meeting.

The academic year includes a total of 187 days with 177 school days beginning Aug. 24.

The first school holiday will be Labor Day on Sept. 7.

The first round of Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) testing begins Oct. 20 and runs until Oct. 23.

Thanksgiving Break begins on Nov. 25 through 27 and Christmas vacation starts Dec. 21.

Students will begin the new year on Jan. 4, but the first semester does not end until Jan. 14. A teacher workday on Jan. 15 will give students a break before the second semester starts the following Monday.

TAKS testing will begin again on March 1 and students will get a much needed Spring Break on March 15 through 19.

Students will have Good Friday on April 2 off before starting a third round of TAKS testing on April 6.

April 12 is scheduled as a bad weather day, but students may have the day off if it’s not used.

TAKS will start again on April 26 and tests will run all week.

May 14 is the last bad weather day and may be the last break until the last day of school, which is scheduled for May 28.