County Judge Walter Maynard announced during the Somervell County Commissioner’s Court meeting Monday that he will seek another term in 2010.

“I would like to continue to serve as county judge for the next four years because I love Somervell County and want to keep it financially strong by managing the budget and respecting the citizens’ needs,” Maynard said Monday by phone.

Maynard will run in the Democratic primary election in March, and if he wins, will be the democratic nominee for County Judge in the general election in November.

Maynard has served as Somervell County’s judge for the past 11 years, but has served the county for approximately 28, including membership on the Glen Rose Independent School board and various other boards.

“During the past 11 years we have faced a lot of challenges, but by managing the government like a business we have been able to keep our tax base and budgets at a lower than expected amount,” Maynard said.