Somervell County has 2,010 resolutions to make for the New Year. And it already has more than 200 of them fulfilled.

The resolutions are beautiful.

In 2010, the Somervell County/Glen Rose Networking Group, in conjunction with the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce and Somervell County Master Gardeners, are committing to plant 2,010 Earth-kind roses in the county.

“(The group) wanted to do something to beautify Glen Rose and the surrounding area,” Master Gardener president Donna Hagar said.

One of the network’s members, Ymka Konde, came up with the idea because of the State Master Gardeners Conference, which is coming to Glen Rose in April 2011.

“(Ymka) thought what better way to do something for the Master Gardeners,” Hagar said. “These (roses) are something that the Master Gardeners promote.”

The Somervell County Master Gardeners had already agreed to plant several rose bushes at Heritage Park and Project 2010 Rosebush seemed like a perfect fit.

“It was just a perfect time and opportunity to get on board with them,” Hagar said.

Project 2010 Rosebush has garnered several supporters in the community so far, which resulted in the purchase of more than 200 rose bushes in December. And more are on the way.

“One individual has showed an interest of getting 100 roses to put in the downtown area,” Hagar said.

The Earth-kind roses are $12 each and come in one-gallon containers. The containers make the plants viable.

“They can be planted at any time,” Hagar said.

Buyers can chose  21 varieties of roses, including dwarf shrubs, small shrubs, medium shrubs and mannerly climbers.

“Some people like climbing roses or are partial to a certain color,” Hagar said.

The planting plan is also an effort to reintroduce roses to Glen Rose.

“Let’s bring the roses back,” Hagar said.

To order an Earth-kind rose bush, call the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce at 254-897-2286. For more information on planting and caring for Earth-kind roses, call Somervell County Master Gardeners at 254-897-2809.