The Transit System, Inc. offers rides within the county for anyone who needs a lift. They even have a program to carry students to and from public schools.

The school program began on Aug. 25 and runs each school day.

Students within city limits pay only $1.25 each way. Students who live up to four miles outside the city limits pay $1.75 each way. Students who live more than four miles from town, but still within the county, pay $2.25 for a one-way ticket.

Tammy Cutshall with The Transit System said parents may register to reserve a daily seat for their child. Or, if they only need to use the system occasionally, they can call ahead to reserve a spot, but they cannot guarantee a seat will always be available.

They have also started a route for Head Start and are working on starting a route with the Brazos River Charter School.

Students attending the charter school can still ride to school, but it will cost them $9 each way until a route can be established. Cutshall said they need at least three people from an area to designate that area a zone. Once they have a zone, rates will go down to $2.25 per trip.

But The Transit System isnít just for students. The system also shuttles people around town.

The rates for an intercity trip is $4 one way and allows up to 15 stops for an additional $1 per stop.

Trips outside of city limits are $6.50 one-way and $9 to the county line.

Goldriders, or anyone over 60, receive a 50-percent discount.

Cutshall also said some may qualify for a Medicaid contract. To find out, call the medical transportation number on the back of your Medicaid card, then call the Transit System with a confirmation number. Cutshall said most people who receive a Medicaid contract can ride for free,

For more information about The Transit System, Inc. and available services, call (254) 897-2964 or go to 401 Commerce Street in Glen Rose.